DIET and Acne - The Truth Revealed (Finally!)

acne vulgarisFor years, the common belief, held by the medical establishment, was that diet had absolutely no effect on acne. Turns out, they were wrong.

Does diet affect acne?
YES.  In a 2009 systematic literature review of 21 observational studies and 6 clinical trials, the association between acne and diet was evaluated. Observational studies, including 2 large controlled prospective trials, reported that cow’s milk intake increased acne prevalence and severity. Furthermore , prospective studies, including randomized controlled trials, demonstrated a positive association between a high-glycemic diet, hormonal mediators, and acne risk. Based on these findings, there exists convincing data supporting the role that diets high in dairy products are associated with an increase in the risk for and severity of acne.  Recent findings also describe an association between a high-glycemic-index diet and longer acne duration. (Skin Therapy Letter. 2010;15(3):1-2. © 2010

Who does acne affect?
More than 17 million Americans suffer from acne vulgaris1. Approximately 80-90% of all adolescents experience some degree of acne2.  Adults are also affected. Acne has been associated with other clinically relevant issues, including depression3.

What to do? A holistic approach.
We recommend that you consider a holistic regime, getting to the source of the acne from the inside out.  Consider our Acne Healing Method which consists of implementing The 3-4-4 Nutritional Method of Eating, a Full Body/Facial Massage, and Bach Flower Remedy for one month or four sessions.  Session one will consists of introducing you to 3-4-4 and information on a low GI diet and a Bach Flower Remedy.  Session two will consists of 3-4-4 (how to shop and stock your kitchen, with a tour of Whole Foods) and a Full Body/Facial Massage.  Session three will consists of 3-4-4 (movement and recipes) and a Full Body/Facial Massage.  Session four will consists of a final review of 3-4-4.   Talk to your dermatologist. Some conditions may require the assistance of both your physician as well as your holistic team.Special Offer

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2 Lello J, Pearl A, Arroll B, et al. Prevalence of acne vulgaris in Auckland senior high school students. N Z Med J 108(1004):287-9 (1995 Jul 28).
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