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community outreach

community outreach

Nutrition and Weight Loss. We provide nutritional seminars to the community (i.e., working with medical centers and program centers to deliver information to their patients, such as the Diabetes Nutritional Educational Program, Hypertension Nutritional Educational Program, Sickle Cell Disease and Nutrition Program, to name a few). Clients receive emotional support and nutritional information designed to assist them achieve successful lifestyle changes.

Smoking Cessation.  Partnering with HealWithin, we offer stop smoking educational seminars throughout Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. Check our website for more event details.

Cayenne Wellness Center engages in research affecting chronic illnesses as well as women’ issues.  With funding harder to come by, so has our ability to conduct research which we feel will have a long term effect on certain populations.

Sickle Cell Disease - ongoing.





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