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Since 2021 we have held three miniSeminars throughout the year, each with three sessions for a total of 9 sessions. The miniSeminars were developed because the sickle cell community wanted us to add a third or even fourth day to our Annual SCD Educational Summit. Given that we cannot go beyond three days, the opportunity presented itself for us to offer more in-depth learning experiences on particular topics. These miniSeminars are one of our most popular educational opportunities for the sickle cell community.

The topic addressed this time is Fatigue and Sickle Cell Disease.

Meet our Moderators

Carolyn Rowley, PhD

Dr. Carolyn Rowley is the Founder and Executive Director of Cayenne Wellness Center and Children’s Foundation (a non-profit organization dedicated to health and wellness). In her role as Executive Director, she specializes in nutrition (well known for her 3-4-4 nutritional program), health psychology and treating patients and their families with sickle cell disease.  She also began another non-profit organization in 2005, as a result of her missionary experience to Kenya, East Africa (The Machao Orphanage Foundation). Twelve years ago, Dr. Rowley responded to an immediate need – to house the original 13 children and many that were on the waiting list. Her first strategic plan: Strategic Plan I: Foundation, afforded her the vision to build the dorms, latrines and other buildings (2009); to provide clean water (2010); to put in solar panels (2011); to provide food by building a green-house and chicken coop (2012); and to put in solar irrigation (2014-2016).  Her second strategic plan: Strategic Plan 2: Impact, has led her to strategically take care of more orphans and have the orphanage be sustainable and economically self-reliant by the year 2020.

Elle Cole

Elle Cole empowers moms, homeschoolers, and advocates for children with sickle cell disease and type 1 diabetes. She is a mom of twin daughters, one of whom is living with Sickle Cell Disease and Type 1 Diabetes. She is 2020 Advocating for Another WEGO Health winner. Elle has authored 5 books, but four of them are about sickle cell: A Sickle Cell Coloring Book for Kids, ABCs of Sickle Cell,  The Ultimate Sickle Cell Activity Book, and Aprendiendo Sobre la Enfermedad de Células Falciformes. Feedspot named the Cleverly Changing Podcast #3 on the Top 20 Homeschooling Mom Podcasts list. She’s been featured on NPR, ABC 7, BBC World Service Radio, and many podcasts. Learn more about her and the work she does by visiting her parenting blog


Meet our Speakers

Pastor Ronald Smith

Pastor Ronald Smith is the Pastor of True Workers of the Holy Trinity House of Prayer which he had pastored for the past 20 years. He is a loving husband, father of 5 children, 1 son, 4 daughters, and grandfather of 4, 2 boys and 2 girls. Pastor Ronald Smith was diagnosed with Sickle cell at age 4. He has SS and has ongoing issues with leg ulcers that give him the most uncomfortable pain. Pastor Ronald loves sharing information about his experience with Sickle cell. He recently started doing YouTube videos to get the word out about Sickle cell. Look up Pastor Smith with Sickle cell.


Sheila Marchbanks

Sheila, a Sickle Cell Disease Warrior, lives her life possessing the mindset of “She Can Do All Things Through Christ Jesus Whom Strengthens Her”. She serves her family and community with dedication which expresses her deepest gratitude. As a wife, mother, and grandmother, she is reminded daily of the gift of having a healthy and loving family. As a former aerospace executive with over 20 years of experience, she reflects on and is appreciative of the multi-leveled professional skills which she developed, now generously shared with the SCD community. As a community leader, Sheila is honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the SCD movement. Serving for over a decade as a facilitator, educator, advocate, organizer, supporter, consultant, and advisor, she has consistently contributed to the emerging forum focused on wrap-around care for SCD adults and their families. And lastly, as a SCD Warrior, Sheila’s life is immensely enriched, improved, and enlarged by her associations and relationships with the SCD community. To this community of fellow warriors, leaders, healthcare and medical providers, colleagues, mentors, supporters, family and friends, Sheila is forever indebted. She knows both the quality and ‘quantity’ of her life, her overall health and wellness, are improved immeasurably by the caring and compassionate community that surrounds her. This undergirding of love and support has positioned Sheila to “Do All Things…” fulfilling her God-given purpose in life.


Ayoola Ogunyimika

Ayoola Olubukola Ogunyimika is a multimedia artist, and published poet, who describes herself as a griot. As a prolific artist, poet, singer, writer, and overall creative, she centers healing and Sickle Cell advocacy within her differing creative mediums. Ayoola’s poet’s name is Her Silence because she speaks from a place of solitude and finds freedom in her creative mediums. Her experiences as a Nigerian (Yoruba) daughter and person living with Sickle Cell fuel her art, which has been instrumental to her growth as a creative and advocacy worker within the Sickle Cell community. Her Silence is a published poet that rose from the trauma of complacency. She chose Her Silence as her poet’s name because her voice speaks of the need for Catharsis in our unstable communities.

Noah James

Development Associate at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, Artistic Director at Visceral Roots Dance Company, and Personal Development Mentor at Cayenne Wellness Center and Children’s Foundation.


Jadon Lewis

Sickle Cell Warrior – Adolescent.

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