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Misty M. Williams Chef Owner of Inevitable Creations Catering SCD Organization Owner, Health Care Worker, Advocate, & Patient! Misty Williams started at 5 years old as a spokesperson for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, by 14 was coordinating events and even catered a few. At 17 She was a receptionist for the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California, and then started nursing school. Misty has done quite a bit in the sickle cell disease community, she opened her own organization in 2011 and did 5 events a year, 2 of those being blood drives. She also has partnered with her counterparts who own organizations not only in California but other states and countries as well. Even with her taking a hiatus to focus on her cooking career in 2018, when the pandemic hit in Spring of 2020 she got together with her mentors Ms. Kiki Shepard and Dr. Carolyn Rowley, along with her church to get groceries, Covid-19 boxes and more to the patients. Trying to bring the information and advocacy to the world, Misty states “ Even though it’s been a rough year and a half health wise, it’s still in me to do what I can, to make a difference!” She is focused on her health, Cooking Career, and building back up her organization when the time is right!

Phone#: 323-942-3011

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