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A loving professional with a passion to help anyone in need and an active Humanitarian. As a mother of a warrior, she has decided to join Cayenne Wellness Team to help bring awareness to sickle cell disease. With a BA specializing in psychology and undergraduate in Health care and seeking master’s in human services. She is equipped with over twenty years of experience in health care and plans to combine her knowledge, love, ingenuity, and collaborating skills to the position of Community Health Worker Assistant for Northern California with Cayenne Wellness.

Terrina plays an active role in the community providing services of food and clothing to those in need. She has volunteered countless hours to Mail Handlers Benefit ensuring federal workers learn about the health plan. She advocates for elderly health care rights to improve quality of life.

She has twenty-five years of experience working with special needs children. Also received certified training at Social Dynamics in Sacramento, Ca, as a Behavioral Specialist providing Applied Behavioral analysis (ABA)services to special needs children with autism spectrum disorder. She’s dedicated to providing services to all children and has contrivance to open a facility that would provide services for children with special needs.  Terrina received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Ashford University in San Diego ca in 2015, with concentration in Health care. Terrina will be returning this fall to continue her master’s in human services.

She has worked twenty years for a fortune 500 company and has successfully been promoted to several positions and has accomplished knowledge of healthcare successfully providing exemplary service to customers and providers. Terrina is excited to be a part of Cayenne Wellness to apply her life experience and knowledge of sickle cell disease. Empathetic and passionate for all those who have been diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Together advocating and supporting to bring national familiarity and be a catalyst for sickle cell awareness and change.

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