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Beyond our basic programs, we provide a number of services to patients with sickle cell disease. The purpose of these services is to facilitate access to complete and comprehensive care for individuals diagnosed with sickle cell disease. If you are a patient in need of support, whether it be locating a hematologist that understands sickle cell disease or learning how to navigate the emergency room, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.


Sickle Cell Newborn Screening Follow Up Program (Living Well With SIckle Cell)

Under the HRSA SCNBSFU Grant, we are reaching out to patients across California to ensure that they have access to a medical home and are aware of the latest resources available to them as patients. This free program connects patients to dedicated providers across the state in a way that no previous program has, while also giving them the support and guidance of a Community Health Worker. If you’d like to learn more about the Newborn Screening Follow Up Program you can read about it here.


Get Connected

Get Connected is a free service that enhances patient care by providing physicians with access to up-to-date medical history! Patients enter their own medical history into a protected and secure database – which physicians are then able to access from anywhere in the country. This reduces the risks a patient with sickle cell disease faces when they visit a new Emergency Room or physician since the physician can access the information immediately. Additionally, patients receive newsletters or community support through online forums


Client Assistance

Cayenne Wellness Center’s SCD Client Assistance Program enables us to support care coordination services for persons living with Sickle Cell Disease. For more information and how to participate, click here.

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