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Policy makers and medical providers won’t make changes without the data and information to back it up, and studies are tools which collect that data. Participating in studies or research projects is a way for warriors to shape and improve both policy and treatment. Not only do you help improve life for warriors, but you can also make some extra money as well! As studies are sent to Cayenne Wellness, we will share them with you here for you to review and sign up as you’d like.

Current Opportunities


“Duke Sickle Cell Survey”

A Duke University research study is seeking adults with SCD and parents of children with SCD to complete an on-line survey about their experiences with SCD and their thoughts about possible treatments for SCD.  The information you provide will help researchers develop tools that may help doctors and health officials make decisions about treating people with SCD.

You may be eligible for this research study if you are:

• Age 18 years or older with SCD

• A parent/legal guardian of a child with SCD

Participants will answer questions about their perceptions of SCD risks and treatments. The survey will be in English, will take about 25 minutes to complete.  Participants will be compensated.

For more information, contact our research coordinator at  Mention “DUKE Sickle-Cell Disease survey” when you email.

Here is the link to get started –  Once you qualify, you will have to email the coordinator for a password.  You will be given a password and asked by the coordinator for your phone number.  Once your phone number is verified, and you receive the code, you will be able to continue the study.

Click here for more information.


“Guided Imagery and Pain”
UCLA Pediatric Pain and Palliative Care Program
Location: University of California, Los Angeles

You May Be Eligible If:

  • You are between 12 and 18 years old
  • You have been diagnosed with sickle cell disease


  • Visiting UCLA for 1 laboratory visit
  • Appointment usually takes 2 hours


  • $100 cash for participants
  • $25 or $40 for parents to cover transportation


Click here for more information.

“Research Study For Sickle Cell Disease and other anemias”
Department of Hematology/Oncology
Location: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
You May Be Eligible If:

• 13 years of age or older

• Able to come to the hospital 2 times

• OK with blood draw for lab testing

• Able to come for up to four hours on the day of the research testing

• Feeling well without recent pain or illness
• $100.00 for participants
• Chris Denton, MD,
• 323-361-3236
Click here for more information.
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