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This monthly webinar series aims to provide sickle cell disease providers, warriors, caregivers, and their families with tailored expertise and the opportunity to interact with experts through our live virtual Q&A sessions.

CMEs and Enduring Materials are offered.

The objectives addressed:

  • What are the developmental issues for people who have sickle cell disease and what genotypes are impacted?
  • When and what screening should be done for people who have sickle cell disease?
  • What are the interventions for academic success throughout the lifespan?
  • How should adults be assessed for function as they age?


Meet our Subject-Matter Expert | Eboni Lance, M.D.

Dr. Eboni Lance is the Co-Director of the Neurology and Neurogenetics Clinic at Kennedy Krieger Institute, the neurologist and Medical Director of the Sickle Cell Neurodevelopmental Clinic, and an associate professor in the Department of Neurology and Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Dr. Lance received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University and received her medical degree from the Medical University of South Carolina. She did a residency in general pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and additional specialized residency training in neurodevelopmental disabilities at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. She received additional research training at Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and has a Ph.D. in clinical investigation from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Dr. Lance is board-certified in general pediatrics, neurology with a special qualification in child neurology, and neurodevelopmental disabilities. Dr. Lance’s research interest is in children with sickle cell disease and neurodevelopmental issues, such as ADHD, intellectual disability, and learning disabilities.

Meet our Moderator | Keith Quirolo, M.D.

Dr. Quirolo has a degree in biology from San Francisco State University, a degree in nursing from the UCSF School of Nursing, he received his MD degree from Case Western Reserve School of Medicine and completed a Fellowship in Transfusion Medicine at UCSF. Dr. Quirolo practiced as an RN for approximately 10 years in pediatric oncology and intensive care in the Bay Area and during medical school at Rainbow Baby and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland Ohio. After his pediatric residency, he entered private pediatric practice in Berkeley for about 10 years. He moved to the sickle cell program at the then-Children’s Hospital Oakland in 1995. He served as the Director of the Pediatric Sickle Cell Program at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland for 20 years. Keith served on the FDA Blood Advisory Committee for two years, and he initiated and directed the Clinical Apheresis Program at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital for 17 years. Keith has left the practice of medicine and currently consults for community-based organizations and other advocacy projects.

The Ask the Expert sessions are held on the second Friday of each month. For more information, please email us at

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