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Program Description:

To increase the quality of life for individuals diagnosed with sickle cell disease in California by ensuring expert, unbiased, and comprehensive care.” This mission is part of a broader vision of (1) a medical system which effectively addresses the unique needs of individuals with sickle cell disease and (2) patients who are empowered and equipped to advocate for themselves. Sickle Cell Disease Conference for the People intends to:

– Educate on the pathophysiology, complications, management, and FDA approved treatments for sickle cell disease; and

– Increase the knowledge of the audience on sickle cell disease and trait.

Moderator | Speakers

Dr Keith Quirolo

Dr. Quirolo received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing at UC San Francisco in 1978, his MD degree from Case Western Reserve School of Medicine in 1981, he was board certified in Pediatrics after a residency at the then Children’s Hospital Oakland and finished a fellowship in Transfusion Medicine in the Laboratory Medicine Program at UCSF in 2002. Keith’s focus as a physician was the clinical care of children and adolescents who have sickle cell disease. He served as the Director of the Pediatric Sickle Cell Program at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland for 20 years. He also has an interest in transfusion medicine, he served on the FDA Blood Advisory Committee for two years, he initiated and directed the Apheresis Program at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital for 17 years. He was active in the American Society for Apheresis as an Associate Editor for the society journal, The Journal of Clinical Apheresis, as well as their Apheresis Technical Manual. He has written review articles and chapters for journals and medical texts. He has been the coauthor on about 20 research papers.

– Pat L. Corley

In 1979 Pat became the Nurse Coordinator for one of ten newly found National Institutes of Health Sickle Cell Centers. She was Nurse Coordinator at LAC+USC for the Sickle Cell Disease Comprehensive Center for over three decades.  Her many projects have included the “Unveil Sickle Cell” campaign, sitting on the NIH Focus Groups committee, the International Association of Sickle Cell Nurses and Professional Associates committee, and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Group committee. Today, Pat is the recipient of the Elliott Vichinsky Health Care Provider Award, she lectures at numerous institutions, and partners with Cayenne Wellness Center and Axis Advocacy to improve the plight of persons living with sickle cell disease.

– Dr Carolyn Rowley

Dr. Carolyn Rowley is the Founder and Executive Director of Cayenne Wellness Center and Children’s Foundation (a non-profit organization dedicated to health and wellness). In her role as Executive Director, she specializes in nutrition (well known for her 3-4-4 nutritional program), health psychology and treating patients and their families with sickle cell disease.  She also began another non-profit organization in 2005, as a result of her missionary experience to Kenya, East Africa (The Machao Orphanage Foundation). Twelve years ago, Dr. Rowley responded to an immediate need – to house the original 13 children and many that were on the waiting list. Her first strategic plan: Strategic Plan I: Foundation, afforded her the vision to build the dorms, latrines and other buildings (2009); to provide clean water (2010); to put in solar panels (2011); to provide food by building a green-house and chicken coop (2012); and to put in solar irrigation (2014-2016).  Her second strategic plan: Strategic Plan 2: Impact, has led her to strategically take care of more orphans and have the orphanage be sustainable and economically self-reliant by the year 2020. Dr. Rowley holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University, a Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and a nutrition certificate from Trinity College.

– Coretta Jenerette

Coretta Jenerette is a Professor and the Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity in the College of Nursing at the University of South Carolina. She earned a Ph.D. and MSN in nursing from the University of South Carolina and her BSN from Clemson University. She completed post-doctoral fellowships at Yale University and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has an internationally recognized research program focused on enhancing self and family management of sickle cell disease. She was drawn to this research due to the disparities and inequities in the care fueled by social determinants of health, particularly pain management, she witnessed as a staff nurse.

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