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 Thursday, September 6, 2018
10:30 am Brunch and Registration
Legislative Action Workshop (Moderators: Nancy Rene and Cecil McLinn)
11:30 am Panel Discussion
12:30 pm Workshop (Breakout Groups)
 1:30 pm Wrap Up
 2:15 pm Break
Afternoon/Evening Session
 3:15 pm Sickle Cell Trait (Education and Awareness): Farron Dozier and Dr. Elliott Vichinsky
 4:00 pm Dinner
 5:00 pm The Challenges of Opioid Use and Prescribing: Building Bridges Between Patients and Providers Patient and Physician Panel: Drs. Jon Hirshon and Wally Smith; Marissa Cors, Shabreon Howard, Brandon Johnson
 6:00 pm New Therapies and Clinical Trials for Sickle Cell Disease: Drs. Theodore Wun and Marsha Treadwell
 7:00 pm CIRM
 7:15 pm Adjourned
 Friday, September 7, 2018
 8:00 am Registration and Breakfast
 9:00 am Welcome: Dr. Carolyn Rowley | Cayenne Wellness Center
I. Morning Session: Stephanie Mulkey Keynote Speaker Series        Sickle Cell 101: Pathophysiology, Complications, Management and Treatment
 9:20 am Elliott Vichinsky, MD Keynote Speaker
10:30 am Break
II. Morning Session: Integrative Approaches to Pain (Moderator: Dr. Kalpna Gupta)
10:45 am Introduction
10:55 am Visual Imagery – Sarah Martin, PhD
11:20 am Complimentary Approaches to Pain (Moderator: Melissa Welles)
11:30 am Acupuncture Pain Relief for Sickle Cell – Kalpna Gupta, MD
11:50 am Cannabis Oil – Melissa Welles
12:10 pm Music and Art Therapy – Lauren Ragan
12:25 pm Virtual Reality – Simon Robertson
12:35 pm Lunch with the Experts
III. Afternoon Session: End Organ Complications and Treatment (Moderator: Dr Theodore Wun)
 1:30 pm Introduction – Dr. Theodore Wun
 1:40 pm Pulmonary Hypertension – Kato, MD
 2:15 pm Renal/Kidney Damage – Pham, MD
 2:50 pm Eye Health/Damage – Scott, MD
 3:20 pm Stroke – Thomas Coates, MD
 4:00 pm Break
IV. Afternoon Session: PsychoSocial.
 4:15 pm Impact on Spouses and Family Members – From birth to death – Theopia Jackson, PhD)
 4:45 pm Roundtable discussion – Gary Johnson, Gary Gibson, Reverend Betty Clark, Antwan Capla
 5:30 pm Adjourned
 7:00 pm Gala and Network Reception. Live music by Private Practice
 Saturday, September 8, 2018
 7:30 am Registration and Breakfast
 7:45 am Tai Chi, Yoga and Stretching classes
 8:30 am Summary of Thursday’s and Friday’s Seminar – Adrienne Shapiro, Axis Advocacy
I. Morning Session: Stephanie Mulkey Keynote Speaker Series  Comprehensive Medical Care for persons diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease Special Topic: Liver Disease
 8:35 am Cage Johnson, MD Keynote Speaker
10:15 am Break
II. Morning Session: Integrative Approaches to Pain – Overview
10:30 am Multimodal Approach – TBD
10:50 am Nutrition – Tamika Moseley
11:10 am B17 Therapy, Herbal Therapy and Enzyme Therapy – Melissa Welles
11:30 am Hydration and Ph Balance – Vernell Lucas, DO
11:50 am 3-4-4 and Sickle Cell Disease – Carolyn Rowley, PhD
12:15 pm Health Eating – Ann Gentry (Lunched by VegMidtown)
III. Afternoon Session: Public Policy
 1:30 pm Public Policy: Patient and physician symposia to educate about the importance of public policy to encourage the development of new therapies – Ken Bridges, MD
IV. Afternoon Session: Complications
 2:10 pm Introduction
 2:20 pm Blood Clots – Theodore Wun, MD
 3:10 pm Infection – Sherrill Brown, MD
 3:40 pm Leg Ulcers – Caterina Minniti, MD
 4:10 pm Break
V. Afternoon Session. Complementary Approaches.  Healing Through Movement
 4:20 pm From Breath to Movement to Meaning – Carol Penn, DO
 5:00 pm Housekeeping
 5:10 pm Announcement of the 12th Annual Sickle Cell Disease Educational Seminar
 5:15 pm Adjourned
 7:00 pm
Book Release and Signing of “The Walk: Accepting Your Life As It Is Now by Ledisi
UC Davis MIND Institute
2825 50th St.
Sacramento, CA 95817
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