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Volunteers are indispensable to our work. They are the driving force behind our Seminar, our advocacy, and our outreach. We truly could not do what we do without the support of volunteers and are always in need of help to make sure that patients with sickle cell disease receive the best support and care they deserve.

Our volunteer opportunities fall under three primary categories – public awareness, administrative / technical, or community outreach and partnership building. Please read below to find out what each one of these may entail, you can choose one or just let our Program Manager Cassie know that you want to help out in any way you can.

Public Awareness
Join us in our efforts to increase the public’s knowledge about sickle cell disease! We are working to undo years of misleading or incomplete education to the public about the struggles of those with sickle cell disease. As a volunteer, you may help schedule day-trips to the mall with other volunteers or attend community events as a  representative, where you work to inform and connect with community members across Greater Los Angeles. For more information about Public Awareness, you can visit our Canvassing Page.

Volunteer Trainer – Canvassing
Team Lead – Canvassing

Administrative / Technical Support
With such a large database of patients, allies, and partners – we have a great deal of information to keep track of. An administrative volunteer may simply make copies for the day, or they may spend time preparing the support group email announcements which go out each month. These tasks are vital for us to continue as an active lifeline for the sickle cell community.

We also need help with social media! This volunteer may create content using templates, update the Facebook page, or keep the Twitter active and engaging.

Social Media Content Creator
Email Writer / Designer

Community Outreach and Partnership Building
Much of our work is grassroots – we reach patients by contacting the organizations and institutions which serve them. Volunteers in this field love digging up information and researching, and they are also comfortable sending emails and making phone calls to organizations! The contacts and information gathered here enables us to identify and support patients that have been isolated across California.

Research Assistant

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