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This is the second session of a three-part virtual series, featuring a fireside chat with an inspiring book author shining a light on Sickle Cell Disease in the lives of adults. The author will tell you about the reason for writing its book and the process for taking it from idea to execution. The theme of our fireside chat is Helping Adults Live their Best Life!

Meet Our Author

Genesis Jones

Sickle Cell Warrior/ Speaker

Genesis Jones is a Sickle Cell Warrior survivor of post-transplant lymphoma, an advocate, student and speaker. She has a background in health science, with an emphasis on child development and psychology. For several years Genesis has not only been an advocate for herself but an ambassador for multiple organizations while being a light to the Sickle Cell Community. Co-founder of non-profit Sickle Cell organization called Sickle-Inspired.


Meet Our Moderator

Renée Kirby

SC Warrior, Advocate & Published Author

Renée H. Kirby is a California native. She has been actively involved with various Sickle Cell organizations for the last 20 years. She began her advocacy journey with the UC San Diego Health System. Renée is a Sick Cells Ambassador. She remains an active participant with conferences, conventions and Sickle Cell Support Groups. Renée’s goal is to have equitable care for all who are affected by Sickle Cell no matter where they reside.

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