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Cayenne Wellness Center’s 24 hours/7 days a week Hotline (1-888-344-1356)

Cayenne Wellness Center’s SCD Hotline was created in response to COVID-19 and Sickle Cell Disease. Persons living with Sickle Cell Disease are considered one of the vulnerable populations, at higher risk for COVID-19.  In addition, those who go in for lab tests, blood transfusion, infusion, port flushing, or other needed procedures, may need advice on how to proceed.  Recommendations have been created for COVID-19 Preparedness from SCDAA Medical and Research Advisory Committee. Click here to get a copy. (This is the link –

Click here for the CDCs Learn More About COVID-19 – Self-Symptom Checker.  (This is the link –

Contact Cayenne Wellness Center for advice, questions, support, and services related to your health, employment rules, and needed assistance.  Persons diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease or family members are welcome to use this hotline.


Other Hotlines

Whether you’re in crisis or are just looking for help for a friend or family member, there are dozens of organizations available to help you deal with a variety of immediate concerns, from crisis situations and domestic violence to rape and substance abuse. Most of these hotlines are available 24 hours a day and can help you with whatever level of assistance you need — from general information about the topic to helping you find an immediate intervention.

Calling a hotline can be daunting, we know. But understand that every hotline is staffed by specially trained volunteers to help you through your situation. Taking that first step and picking up the phone can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do — but you can do it!

If you’re suicidal, we recommend contacting the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline toll-free at 800-273-8255.

Need help for domestic violence? Call toll-free: 800-799-7233 (SAFE).

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