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In order to develop a happy and functional life, it is important to practice healthy habits at the personal and professional level. Cayenne Wellness Center´s miniSeminar: Mental Health 2023 sessions will be addressed through a holistic approach, where the five universal life tasks of Alfred Adler will be analyzed and overviewed.

Our first session of 2023 will be about Work and Social.

Meet Our Speakers

Terry Jackson, Ph.D.

Independent Business Owner Jaxsun Enterprises

Genetics and Genomics Ph.D. with a specialization in plant developmental biology. Dr. Jackson possesses knowledge and research training in human genetic diseases. Six and a half years of experience training, managing, and mentoring young scientists in the laboratory to develop practical skills for scientific and medical careers. Dr. Jackson is attracted to the field of communication and using it to educate and inspire the public. This is his true passion as he works to merge his interests into an influential, thoughtful, and highly successful business.

James Griffin

SC Advocate and Published Author

James Griffin was diagnosed with sickle cell at the age of two. He is a writer, speaker, sickle cell advocate and a published author. He is best known for his book Breaking Silence: Living With Sickle Cell Anemia. In 2012, he began advocating for sickle cell, and since then he has been using his voice to make an impact to change the lives of others. As a sickle cell advocate his goal is to improve the quality of care for patients within the medical systems around the world, and eliminate the stigmas and biases associated with this condition.

James has spoken in front of healthcare professionals, future med students; including at one of the most prestigious institutions, Harvard University, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, patients, caregivers, and state legislators. Along with that he has been a feature on television, in health magazines, online in news articles, and other media outlets all centered around awareness for sickle cell. He was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin and continues to support and build partnerships with sickle cell nonprofit organizations locally and nationally.

Meet Our Moderator

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