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Cayenne Wellness Center and Children’s Foundation was first established in the year 2000 and, in the beginning, held a broad vision of general public health and wellness. But as time went on, the organization was drawn toward the specific needs and challenges faced by individuals with sickle cell disease.  Today, our mission is:

“To increase the quality of life for individuals diagnosed with sickle cell disease in California by ensuring expert, unbiased, and comprehensive care.”

This mission is part of a broader vision of (1) a medical system which effectively addresses the unique needs of individuals with sickle cell disease and (2) patients who are empowered and equipped to advocate for themselves.

To reach this vision, our programs focus on education and awareness for providers, patients, and the general public. The members of the sickle cell community are given access to a grassroots network of individuals and institutions dedicated to improving patient quality of life and patient empowerment. Providers are given the tools they need to understand the complex needs of patients with sickle cell disease as well as the latest developments in treatment. These pieces are rounded out with political activism and advocacy – with the understanding that true change must come from the system which supports the community.

It is a long, arduous process but we are deeply committed to ensuring equality, health care, and empowerment, while ending the systemic discrimination which has failed our community. Welcome to our journey and our fight for individuals with sickle cell disease, please click on any of the links to learn about sickle cell disease, our team members, or our organization. We hope that you’ll join us as an ally.

Cassie Woods
Program Manager  (2017-2018)

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