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She is a trusted member of the local community who specializes in helping the community improve their health through a range of outreach, education, prevention and patient navigation service activities.  She also provides patient support in accessing and using appropriate medical and behavioral health care as well as specialty services, and helps improve their understanding of chronic disease management and preventive health care. Jennifer is responsible for obtaining resources for housing, food, specialty care, independent living, education, employment, and vocational training to name a few. She’s been advocating for persons diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease and children with life threatening disorders for 11 years. Sickle Cell quickly gained her passion after her two children were born – one child with Sickle Cell Trait and one child diagnosed with Sickle Cell SS Disease. Jennifer has 14 years experience working with Foster Youth, sexually exploited minors, homelessness, drug addiction, special education and mental heath disorders. During Jennifer’s free time she enjoys spending time with her two beautiful daughters, shopping, dinning, traveling, laughing and just plain being goofy!

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